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Your mission is to help Hello Kitty and her friends who are under mysterious dark power.Fighting is accomplished by using nearby objects as weapons.You can quickly teleport from one land to another by using the world map. You get more by completing questionnaires, taking part in contests, playing games and completing quests (you also get a useful item from every completed quest).So if you're active in the world, you get more shills.Whyville has its own newspaper called The Whyville Times which is published once a week. in a new window) Secret Builders is a free virtual world for ages 5–14.If you send in a great article you might get clams for it. Chat between players is done by typing and is shown in speech bubbles.

Each area have unique features, games and activities.Friends of the same guild can help each other to get ahead in the game. You use "clams", the money in Whyville, to buy furniture and other enhancements for your character.There are also some fun mini games that you can play with them. in a new window) Whyville is an educational virtual world aimed at ages 8–15. Clams are earned by being active and contributing to the community.Unfortunately too much of the in-game talk is about people asking for likes. in a new window) Club Penguin review can be found in the free virtual worlds for kids section.The more people have likes the more popular they think they are. Free Realms review can be found in the free virtual worlds for teens section.

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