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That’s what our entire upbringing was like and it’s probably why Sam and I don’t get excited about anything until it’s actually happening.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a negative thing; it’s something we’ve learnt.

‘And he never gave me anything in my whole life – apart from MS,’ she told her viewers.

It had taken her three years to reach a point where she felt ready to share her own diagnosis of the incurable neurological condition that can cause difficulty with movement and vision, and that has a small – but for Nic significant – genetic risk.

She came downstairs looking gorgeous and my dad said, “You’re not going to the prom – you haven’t asked my permission.” Sam sat on the stairs crying, but when her boyfriend arrived, our dad told her she could go.

It was a control thing, to take away that pleasure, and then grant it back so you’d be really grateful.

Tanya is now married to their brother, the model and influencer Jim Chapman (You Tube following 2.5 million).The sisters are out of the country for around six months of the year meeting buyers and growing the brand.They are part of a seemingly gilded circle of vloggers who have grown up with and made a living from You Tube – although Pixiwoo pretty much invented the make-up tutorial genre when they started vlogging nearly ten years ago.She tells It’s hard to look for the bright side when you’re diagnosed with a potentially life-shortening illness and you’ve grown up with a father who was violent, cruel and controlling.But Nic Chapman – who, with her sister Sam, comprises the stratospherically successful beauty vlogging duo Pixiwoo – has an astonishing and humbling talent for doing exactly that.‘I was thinking the other day, I’ve had a pretty crappy life, but I’ve loved it.

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I live with it and I’m totally fine.’‘Totally fine’ is her declaration of determination.

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