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So, I somehow added some more info on this article and expanded it. So, could anyone LEGIT and PROFESSIONAL and basically knows EVERYTHING about WIKIPEDIA rules, could you please...please...evaluate the page? Kikkokalabud (talk) How exactly did it get into the internet? There are probably millions of non-famous people posing nude online, and no one talks about it. I wouldn't want my childen seeing those kind of pictures. Or maybe - just maybe - monitor your kids while they are using the computer. - Jack Sebastian (talk) , 6 October 2011 (UTC) I totally agree.I never understand how famous people's dirty fotografias and videos get online and an Average Joe could have kiddie porn pics and go on unseen. As for putting the nude photos on the article, I disagree. I'm a 12 year old and, when it came out, i was what? As, quoted there, she doesn't like talking about it, i'm sure that she doesnt like anyone else talking about it so, why doesnt everyone just shut up about it??

The actress discusses the matter and folk talk about the subject matter presented by the image.

As well, including this image would act as a catalyst, a slippery slope for the allowance of trivial non-pertinent pictures using the same advocacy of Operating While Under the Influence of Stupid (or UIS, as in 'U is a dumb-ass', as I like to refer to it). The strong and sufficient argument is justification of the fair use exemption to the use of copyrighted images as outlined by KWW above. Basically the pictures must have lascivious display of genitals or pubic area and nudity is not even required to meet that test.

The fact that the picture was taken is well referenced. The Hudgens picture displayed the pubic area but not in a lascivious manner.

To post the image itself here would be dicey, not because of the nudity, but because of the fair use policy.

Hudgens certainly hasn't released the image under a GFDL license, so we would have to claim that the lack of the image was a substantial detriment to a reader's understanding of the topic.

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