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However, what we do know is: Pitino, according to a police report obtained by the Courier-Journal newspaper in Louisville, admitted that he had sex and later gave Sypher ,000 for an abortion and it appears to hopefully, make it all go away quietly.

We also know that Pitino most likely have a morals clause in his near million dollar, multi-year contract, so he is technically in violation of that clause if the school really wanted to flex muscle and void his contract. First, the way the story is being reported today by several media outlets seems to only emphasize a “woman trying to extort Rick Pitino” and she allegedly “lied” to the FBI. Pitino is a married man, father, role model to dozens of players and a coach of young kids!

Then, step down and get off the coaching circuit and go Rehabilitate his name, reputation and family in the midst of this PR nightmare.

If he truly understands the sorrow he has caused his players, fellow coaches, family and school, he will step down. is an Attorney, Author, Adjunct Professor and can be found at contacted at

For example, in 2002, Walker had secured top payment for nearly 2 dozen artists on the popular “WOW Albums”.

Do the 5 R’s as I often call them: Regret, Remorse, Respect, Responsibility and then Rehabilitation.The school doesn’t need Pitino’s baggage and the daily media circus when Sypher’s case potentially hits a court room and all the facts tragically come out about that night (or nights), that Pitino wishes he could take back! Walker has represented a number of pro-athletes, major artists and sports and entertainment related businesses.(Atlanta) – After eight years of litigation music industry giant Sony BMG Music Entertainment has settled a lawsuit filed by leading industry entertainment lawyer Attorney James L. Walker alleged in his lawsuit that the music industry giant refused to allow urban artists effective legal representation.”) Even if we find out that he did not rape her as Sypher claims or that she lied to the FBI and tried to extort him for money, the point is, Pitino put himself in this boat and horrible situation. Pitino is in the top 10 among active coaches in the country when it comes to wins.He’s 29th on the all time list, and has won over 500 games.

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