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Fifteen NYC Housewives over the years, five still married, five divorces (including Luann's first divorce, from Count Alexandre de Lesseps, in 2009) and six unmarried stars (while on the show, that is).So let's just forget the whole Wives part of the equation and focus on the relationships that have run their course while the cameras were rolling."I told Luann I'm there for her whether this worked out or not and here I am," Sonja Morgan, who along with Ramona Singer previously dated D'Agostino and didn't the match, told E!"Lu Ann is upset, but it's amicable and they remain friends. Their relationship was featured on the Bravo reality show — most heavily last season when De Lesseps contemplated having another baby.Jacques has been a wonderful part of her life." The reality star thanked fans for their support Friday after news of the split broke. De Lesseps has two teenage children, Victoria and Noel, with her first husband, French nobleman Count Alexandre.Hoppy then became notorious for continuing to wear his wedding ring for months, a court battle ensued over custody and spousal support and the divorce wasn't finalized until 2016.

The book was dedicated to her husband, no less."When I wrote the book I felt very secure," Luann said.

And that tends to be the case no matter what stage of life you're in, whether you're looking to fall in love for the first time or you're already a few marriages deep, whether you're on a show in the title at first sounded like the kind of show in which dating wouldn't take center stage, but oh, how immediately that assumption was blown out of the water.

In fact, almost nothing on the reality TV spectrum has provided as much engrossing drama as the troubled relationships—and many breakups—that have played out over the years in every city to have sprouted a castmates—after only seven months inches the overall divorce/separation rate on the show up to 50 percent.

The underlying foundation of our marriage began to shift, and I didn't realize he was unhappy until it was too late."As she told , she and Mario put any animosity aside for their daughter, Avery. Commenting on how she felt about Luann's then four-month-old marriage to Tom, whom she had dated, Ramona said, "She just wanted to get married.

Tom could have been with 50 women and she wouldn't care." But, Singer added, "She was married for a very long time—15 years—and single for seven.

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