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You can explore the space for hours, encountering peaceful ponds rolling hills, century-old trees and romantic pavilions along the way.

It’s covered in cherry blossoms come springtime, and the foliage looks lovely in the fall as well.

It’s packed with vibrant shops, eateries and even some upscale shops such as Coach and Louis Vuitton.

The intersecting streets along the way are worth exploring too, as they house tiny udon noodle shops and under-the-radar boutiques.

While you’re there, stop into Kikugetsu-tei teahouse for a refreshment and to admire the view.

Originally built in 1590 along the shores of Seto Inland Sea, much of Takamatsu Castle was destroyed in the Meiji Period but the Japanese government is currently in the process of reconstruction.

A buzzing business centre, Takamatsu has no shortage of accommodation.

Though it has its own Kotoden metro system, most of the city’s highlights are best explored by cycling.The bike-friendly city has dedicated bike lanes and easy-to-use rental programmes aimed at tourists.Fares to Takamatsu, Japan listed below are for reference only.It’s a popular place for sightseeing, as well as a peaceful place to stay the night.There’s a popular museum in the area called Shikoku Mura, which tells the story of Takamatsu through cultural artifacts, paintings, and preserved Edo-period buildings such as farmhouses, workshops and even a kabuki theatre.

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A quick ferry ride will bring you to this barely touched island, which is home to a small village of just 200 people.

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