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Now girls, there’s nothing wrong with treating the people in your life to a little TLC, but when taking on the role of care taker begins to affect your relationships in a bad way, you might want to reconsider your behaviour. Rejection Complex In situations where people don’t need their help, the co-dependent personality feels and exaggerated sense of hurt.

Co-dependency revolves around the longing to be needed in the lives of others, and an outright declaration of independence from a loved one will come across as a profound rejection. Posted: AM PDT Women make up almost 50% of the workforce in America.

More than 50% students in law colleges are now women.

Currently, over a third of the country’s lawyers are women and they earn almost 75% of the salary earned by men in the same position. Posted: AM PDT There is a big difference between what I like to do and what I have to do, so this list includes 7 things I like to do during the day.

If you want to channel a preppy aesthetic, try buttoning it up right to the collar.

However, while most of us wouldn’t want to become politically active ourself, it’s still worth taking an interest in the subject. In many countries, women are second-class citizens, and even men may be bullied into voting for a certain party or intimidated into not voting at all. Are you one of those people who grumbles about political decisions, yet never bothers to vote? Well, how can you complain about the government if you didn’t even vote against them?

Plus there is a lot of cynicism regarding politicians and the true extent of their commitment to public service. Hard-Won Democracy I know it sounds a cliché, but women really did have to fight for the vote.

You need to lotion them up like you would your hands and your face.

In which case, it’s time to get my tootsies back in order – and here are 8 ways you can get your toes ready for spring too! Moisturize Photo Credit: jewelboxofsad First and foremost, you have to start up a good moisturizing regimen for your feet.

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