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This style of roasting coffee beans is unique in Malaysia and Singapore.

Here, workers are air cooling the freshly roasted over 200ºC hot beans by spreading them out using shovels.

He has formulated his own coffee recipe for traditional coffee roasting.

So, since I started Johor Kaki blog in 2011, I have asking around and looking for opportunities to visit a coffee plantation in Johor, but with no success.

The number 434 was the telephone area code for Muar in the 1960s, and today it is synonymous with Sai Kee coffee.

Lucifer knew that to be equal with God, he would have to be God, and he knew perfectly that this could not be. If it be unable to sin, this is a gift of grace, not a condition of nature. But in the bad angels themselves there could be no tendency to fleshly sins, but only to such sins as can be committed by a purely spiritual being, and these sins are two only: pride and envy. Lucifer who latter was confused with his follower Satan, leader of the fallen angels, wished to be as God. Making coffee at Sai Kee Coffee 434 the old way by pouring boiling water through roughly grounded beans in a white muslin sock.Sai Kee was founded in 1953 by, you guessed it, Ah Sai.

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