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On 16 September 2013, Jolla announced that its OS had been made compatible with Android applications and hardware.

The first telephone to use it was launched on 27 November 2013 at a pop-up DNA Kauppa shop in Helsinki.

Built-in Alien Dalvik plays the role of an Android compatibility layer.

It does not emulate, but instead implements Android OS APIs; an approach comparable to that of Wine.

The OS is an evolved continuation of the Linux Mee Go OS previously developed by alliance of Nokia and Intel which itself relies on combined Maemo and Moblin.

The Mee Go legacy is contained in the Mer core in about 80% of its code; the Mer name thus expands to MEego Reconstructed.

It might be helpful to note that the names start in the order of the Finnish alphabet.On 16 August 2012, the user interface was reported to be ready for release.Jolla's CEO Jussi Hurmola stated in a ZDNet interview, " ...or abbreviated to SFOS) is a general purpose Linux distribution used commonly as mobile operating system combining the Linux kernel for a particular hardware platform use, the open-source Mer core stack of middleware, a proprietary UI contributed by Jolla or an open source UI, and other third-party components.Sailfish is being developed by Jolla, the Sailfish and Mer project communities, corporate members of the Sailfish Alliance and various open community members.

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