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Timothy Walkers “The Early Modern Globalization of Indian Medicine: Portuguese Dissemination of Drugs and Healing Techniques from South Asia on Four Continents, 1670-1830” shows us the materialization of the Portuguese- Asian encounters in the fields of pharmacy and medicine.

Leaving aside the conventional narrative of a European medicine — depicted either as a means to enlighten the natives and improve their lives or as a tool to annihilate local knowl- edge, practices, and resources — the author shows us the pragmatic arrangements made around specific plants and compounds with healing properties, and moves into the four corners of the world via the plants and preparations that emerge from those encounters.

And yet they fit together, dialogue, and mingle into a synergy that will be prolonged by the active engagement of the reader.

There are historical, sociological, and anthropological interpretations, ethnographic depictions, political analysis, literary and film criticism; there is poetry, litera- ture, memoirs, and introspective essays; there is an ubiquitous quest for cul- tural identity in which distinctiveness involves something “Portuguese” — be Poruguese Literary & Cultural Studies 17/18 (2010): 13-24. 14 PORTUGUESE LITERARY & CULTURAL STUDIES 17/18 it people, history, places, governments, names, fictions, fondness, rejection, the past, the future.

Articles arrived in all formats and styles — long, short, poetic, analytical, reflexive, critical, based on empirical research, on literary texts, on theoretical discussions, on testimony, on interviews — very much along the inclusive lines of Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies.

They made it to this volume without having been previously gathered in the rituals of a conference; they arrived one by one from different parts of the world, different frames of thinking and different languages.

Advertising Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies accepts advertising that is of interest to scholars in the field of Portuguese, Brazilian, and Luso-African Studies and Critical Theory.

Further information is available by contacting the Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. ISSN:1521-804X ISBN: 978-1-933227-15-3 ©2010 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Printed by Signature Printing, East Providence, RI Table of Contents 13 Introduction Parts of Asia, Today: Beyond Lusotopic Nostalgia Cristiana Bastos Goa 27 Power, Religion and Violence in Sixteenth-Century Goa Angela Barreto Xavier 51 Genero, mecenato e arte: A criagao das "casas de mulheres" em Goa Carla Alferes Pinto 77 The Early Modern Globalization of Indian Medicine: Portuguese Dissemination of Drugs and Healing Techniques from South Asia on Four Continents, 1670-1830 Timothy Walker 99 Resistencia e assimilagao colonial na prosa goesa do seculo XIX Joana Passos 117 Oral History and a Memoir Shed Light on Goa's Tangled Past: Romeo and Juliet in the Shadow of Empire Victor Rangel-Ribeiro 129 Negociagoes identitarias dos Gaudde de Goa: politicas de classificagao de "tribos" Claudia Pereira 141 Goa in Retrospect: Colonial Memories Published Recently in Goa and in Portugal Teotonio R. David Jackson 431 Two Versions of Iberian Orientalism: The Geraqao de 70 and the Generation del 98 in Light of Ega's de Queiros' A Reliquia and Juan Valera's M orsamor Pedro Schacht Pereira 461 Forgetting Pio Gama Pinto Rochelle Pinto 473 A partir de Diu: Diaspora hindu e genero em Portugal Ines Margarida Lourengo 491 "The CM is On the Way": Reflections on Malacca- Portuguese Identity as Malaysia Turns 50 Margaret Sarkissian Parts of Asia, Today: Beyond Lusotopic Nostalgia Cristiana Bastos This volume began with a call for contributions on the broad topic of Por- tuguese-Asian connections, open to all latitudes in the humanities and the social sciences.

Feijo, Universidade de Lisboa Bela Feldman-Bianco, UNICAMP/IFCH Ana Paula Ferreira, University of Minnesota Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Stanford University Anna M.

The author is responsible for the accuracy of all quotations, titles, names, and dates.

Font and sizes as close as possible to the style of the previous issue of PLCS should be used throughout the text.

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Tem, ao todo, dezoito temporadas e mais de 385 episódios desde sua estréia em 17 de Dezembro de 1989.

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