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:)First off, HC is officially off the market (married). I know most of you were gripping your seats waiting on some kind of disaster. Well guys…case you were wondering (you’re probably not) but I continue to sit in a big giant mess. A Well, that’s it guys…I’ve officially made a mess of life again. Except…situation is complicated, as in long distance relationship that has been around for YEARS. So I, A the lone contributor these days, shall update you. Things I really like about him: unbelievably smart, pretty blue eyes, nice smile, excellent sense of humor, heart of gold, lover of good food and good beer. Good luck, if you ever happen to find yourself in Chicago let me know, i've been entertained by you ladies for years so the least I can do is buy you a drink. I promise to avoid giving you any more non-updates :) Shit. I know the dozens of clamoring fans need to know what’s going on on the lives of the EMDL ladies. In my experience neither of those situations work out for the best (falling for the friend or a long distance relationship).She had a good run on EMDL, but even the best things have to come to an end. She’s busy being a boss ass bitch in the professional world while still mastering Tinder or OKC at any given time. Hopefully she decided to make some time for us soon.

Any other strategy will result in disappointment and failure.

It’s first important to realize that not all oil wells are equal.

Some are easy to find while others require delicate GPS sensors.

Some oil wells are on land and therefore easily accessible to eager miners while other wells are hidden under the sea.

Some wells are easy to drill while others require advanced machinery and engineering to reach.

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  2. These negative qualities provided extensive material for fiction writers in the Victorian era, and John remains a recurring character within Western popular culture, primarily as a villain in films and stories depicting the Robin Hood legends.