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Tuba Buyukustun is a Turkish actress, who is famous as Sexiest Turkish Actress. She joined the Mimar Sinan University of fine arts and graduated in 2004.

Dan re-joined the high school and he began a relationship with Libby Kennedy.

She flashes back to what she saw and laments she was wrong to think they could reconcile. The guy she spoke to last night cared and he would never knife her in the back.

Sami repeats she loves EJ, who is great to her and her kids. Stefano takes EJ aside and admits he was worried Roman would say something about EJ kidnapping Sydney. Lexie returns and asks the quiet phoenix if he is alright with this wedding. She, however, fears the Di Meras will kill her, and she just wants him to care! He can offer her FBI protection, take it or leave it.

- At the hospital, Sister Anne is surprised Carly came to pick up the ready results in person.

Chloe blinks her pretty blue eyes at him and says as long as she has him, she can handle anything. Afterwards, shirtless Dan lies with sleeping Chloe. He gets a new message on his phone, kisses sleeping Chloe, and slips out of bed. Miss Scott did not sign the necessary form to allow her to give out that information.

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He crashes into Stephanie Scully (Carla Bonner) and Libby Kennedy (Kym Valentine) and he dies.

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