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He composed his own epitaph, "Eternité, sois mon asile". Anthony Barnes (1910), and in selections by Jessie Peabody Frothingham (1901).

Senancour is immortalized for English readers in two poems by Matthew Arnold entitled "Stanzas in Memory of the Author of Obermann" and "Obermann Once More." Obermann has been translated into English three times: in its entirety by A. Between 18, Franz Liszt composed Vallée d'Obermann, one of the pieces for piano of the suite Première année: Suisse, from the œuvre Années de pèlerinage, inspired by Senancour's most famous novel.

Senancour might have spent his life writing in complete obscurity were it not for a charge leveled against him by a public prosecutor for slandering religion in the second edition of his Résumé de l’histoire des traditions morales et religieuses (1827) wherein he described Jesus as a "youthful sage." He was initially found guilty and sentenced to nine months in prison and fined 300 francs, but the penalties were dropped on appeal.

He began his education with a curé in the vicinity of Ermenonville before being sent to the Collège de la Marche.

His father, Claude-Laurent Pivert, a Contrôleur des Rentes and Conseil du Roi, wanted him to enter the seminary of Saint-Sulpice to become a priest.

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