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Some later versions do not have a teaser at all, only showing "To Be Concluded", and skip to the credits.Some have "To Be Concluded" followed by "Back To The Future III".There are holographic theaters, Cafe 80's shops, antique stores that sell dustbusters and other things, skateboards that hover, paying for cab rides with thumbprints, etc. Yet, for all the glossy, multi-colored stores and goofy concepts, we still recognize it as the same old Hill Valley.Something else Zemeckis and Gale do is to take some events from the first film, and replay them in 2015 Hill Valley.Zemeckis does a great job of cutting new scenes into footage from the original film with different angles and different perspectives of previous seen activities.As for the cast, Fox and Lloyd keep their characters of Marty and Doc on the same entertaining level as before.For part II the cast is pretty much intact from the original film.The exceptions are Crispin Glover as George Mc Fly has been replaced by Jeffrey Weisman and Claudia Wells has been replaced by Elizabeth Shue as Marty's girlfriend Jennifer.

It was, however, added back to the film for its digital download and Blu-Ray versions.Fox is also given the chore of playing his nerdy son of the future, Marty as a middle aged man and even his daughter of the future.He is pretty much successful except I do think playing his daughter was a bit much.To go into too much detail here would undermine your own viewing experience and give away a bit too much of the plot.Then to add fuel to the fire, we once again revisit Hill Valley in 1955, where things really go berserk what with two Marty's and two Docs inhabiting the same year.

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The problem was that with the original ending, they had painted themselves into a corner as to where they could go with the sequel.

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