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EOA is one of four publications published by Kwenta Media, where Phoka did his mid-year media management internship as part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management which he is studying at Rhodes University’s Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership.

Excerpts from their conversation: Q: As the founding Editor and CEO, what would you say is the mission of ?

As a company, we always work hard but we also make time for fun.

Q: How important is gender consciousness and gender mainstreaming in the process of your content development? We have two major titles -- one title embraces both moms and dads, the content is equally shared, we try to address and change the poor engagement of males in the parenting fraternity. They don’t talk, they fear change and this takes away opportunities.

We firmly believe that people who are in the position of leadership should educate, empower and give opportunities.

Media is key in our lives: the more we know the better the life we can have. I believe that everyone can write, you can start out small, the more you write about your journey, the better it will be.Q: Given that people are a critical resource in any organization, how do you motivate your staff?A: We constantly emphasize the importance of taking responsibility and accountability for one’s actions, and we give them their own space to grow and improve their skills.A settlement has been reached after an East Rand restaurant made headlines for refusing to allow same-sex couples into its premises on Thursdays for 'date night'.Earlier this year Two Eyewitness News (EWN) reporters went undercover, posed as a gay couple and booked a table at the restaurant, but were prohibited from entering with the owners saying that the event was only for heterosexual couples.

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